Departures information

Checkout information:

After receiving the letter of termination, we schedule a pre-inspection for the apartment. This pre-inspection is to check whether there are points of attention before moving out. It gives the tenant the opportunity to take care of it before the final inspection.

The final inspection always takes place before of on the last day of the contract. Be aware that this is the last day and not the 1st  day of every month and that the checkout need be done between 10:00 – 16.30 on weekdays. Do we note some necessary repairs or cleaning then these costs are on the expense of the tenant. During the final inspection, the tenant has to hand over both front door keys, one mailbox key and the tag for the general areas.

The paid deposit is returned within 4 – 6 weeks after the end date of the contract and after we received the proof de-registration. Please provide us with the correct IBAN to which we can transfer the deposit. Without proof of de-registration we wil not transfer the deposit.