Rental payment

When do I pay my monthly rent?
The rent must be received into our account before the first day of each month in advance. If you fail to pay your rent in time, you will receive a reminder within 5 days. If you fail again your internet connection will be disconnected within days. You will receive a second reminder within 14 days and will automatically be charged with a 15% surcharge (with a minimum of €50,-) in accordance with Dutch collection laws. If again, payment is not received within another 5 days, further legal action will be taken and may lead to eviction.

How much is the amount of the deposit?
You are to pay 2 months full renting amount in advance when you want to rent an apartment. After terminating your contract, the deposit will be refunded in full unless damages, defects or other discrepancies are identified before or at the final checkout date.

When can I expect to receive my deposit back after termination?
Your deposit will be returned within 5 weeks after day of termination of the rental contract. We do not return deposits in cash.