Terminate rental contract

How can I terminate my rental contract? 
Digitally by e-mail or by letter (signed). There is always a 2 months notice period for terminating the rental contract, also applicable for rental contracts with a set duration.  

It is not possible to terminate the rental contract earlier than the agreed period in your rental agreement. You are required to make an appointment for pre-checkout and definite checkout well before the termination date. (2 weeks)

Will my apartment be inspected? 
When moving out you have to leave your apartment in an empty, clean and proper state. A technical manager will inspect your apartment for any defects. This condition is stated in the written confirmation of your rental contract termination clause. The definite inspection will occur on the last day of your rental contract or sooner upon request in case you leave before this final day.

If any damages, defects or other discrepancies are found during the inspection you will be charged for these costs. Costs for repairs will be announced before executed. If the defects are so serious that the apartment cannot be rented out immediately you will be charged with extra rent. All costs will be settled with the deposit and in case the deposit is not sufficient you will be required to pay the balance before you leave. In your contract, you will find a list of pre-set costs in case of damages etc.