Terminate rental contract

How can I terminate my rental contract? 
Digitally by mail or by registered letter. There is always a 2 months notice period for terminating the rental contract, also applicable for rental contracts with a set duration.  

Will my apartment be inspected? 

You are required to make an appointment for the pre-inspection and final inspection. These inspections are to check for (major) damages in the apartment or other points of attention while moving out. Apartment needs to be in an empty, clean and proper state. Same as we gave it to you at the check-in.

If any damages, defects or other discrepancies are still there during the final inspection then you are charged for the involving cost for repair or replacement. If the defects are so serious that the apartment cannot be rented out immediately with vacancy as result then the missed rent is at your expense. 

Cost will be settled with the deposit and if the deposit is not sufficient you will be required to pay the outstanding amount within 14 days. A break down of some fixed cost are mentioned in the rental agreement.