Service costs

What do the service costs include?
This covers all service costs for the general areas like: cleaning, gardening, gas, water, electricity, etc. Please see your rental contract for all details.

What does the advanced payment include? 
These costs include an advancement for the individual use of gas, electricity, water, internet, etc. Please see your rental contract for details. These costs are re-evaluated every year or upon checkout on an individual base.

Is a cable television subscription included?
No, it is not. All tenants can contact cable television provider Ziggo directly to subscribe. One can obtain the desired package deal.

Do the service costs also include the municipal taxes and charges? 
No. The Municipality charges these costs for sewage rights, water threatment etc. directly to the tendant. Geste Groep can not provide nor influence these taxes and charges. These costs are directly charged to the tenants by the Manicipality.